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Lynne Marie Roy

Fearless PR & Marketing, Founder & Owner

Lynne Marie Roy, also known as Fearless PR Girl through various social networks, truly lives up to her name. As such, it was a no-brainer for her to develop Fearless PR & Marketing according to only her highest standards.

In 2011, after working in customer service for nearly 11 years, Lynne has decided it was time to follow her passion; she resigned from gainful employment and started chasing her dream of becoming successful in Public Relations.

As if being a student again wasn’t challenging enough, it was by-far not her biggest challenge. As a single mother of one, she has learned to embrace life’s challenges and she adapts to change at an alarming rate.

After all is said and done, Lynne graduated from the University of Winnipeg’s PACE program with a Public Relations Diploma and a Marketing Management Diploma. She now has a clear direction in her career. In these early stages, she has learned more about herself, found her passions, and is dedicated to her future, and that of her son’s, more than ever before.

Founder and owner of Fearless PR & Marketing, the road ahead is bright and with her ambition, her goals are well within reach. Watch out world, she has no fear.