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Lynne Marie Roy

IC Group LP, Marketing, Product Innovation

She started with a dream, her motivation to succeed fueled her passion to continue to chase that dream. Recently employed with IC Group LP, a local agency specializing in online promotions and loyalty programs for large well-known international brands, Lynne quickly assumed the role of Product Marketing and Social Media Manager.

Lynne graduated from the University of Winnipeg’s Public Relations and Marketing Management Diploma Program in 2012, a late start to her career but it came at the right time in life.

She also continues her involvement with the Ironman Outdoor Curling Bonspiel, a charity fundraiser for the Heart & Stroke Foundation, for the third year running. Lynne’s strengths are in media relations, relations to the public, and campaign management; she has the passion and ability to build and maintain relationships with the media and all affiliates within the industry.

Along with her involvement in the Manitoba Liberal Party as Director of Communications, Lynne also consults regularly with the Liberal Party Leader, Dr. Jon Gerrard.

She is the mother of a vibrant 8 year old, most definitely one of an ambitious go-getter, who is not afraid of taking risks and trying new things. It appears as though the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.